Haría – pure nature in the north of Lanzarote

The municipality of Haría occupies the entire north of the island of Lanzarote and extends from Mala to Orzola. The center of the municipality is the town of Haría, which is located in the picturesque “Valley of the 1000 Palm Trees”. It was said to be a tradition to plant a palm tree for the birth of a daughter. Today around 6,000 people live in the municipality of Haría.

A few years ago, the former home of the island artist César Manrique in Haría was opened to visitors. You can see now how the artist lived and worked until his death in 1992.

A particularly worth seeing view of the town of Haría is from the Mirador del Haría, which lies above the town on the Famara massif. On Saturday mornings there is a small but fine handicraft market in Haría’s market square, Plaza León y Castillo, which is visited by many locals.

Haria market
Market in the church square of Haría

Even though there is no big tourist town in the municipality of Haría, it is visited by almost all tourists. With Jameos del Agua, the Cueva de los Verdes and the Mirador del Río, three of the most important tourist centers are located in the municipality. Jameos del Agua is part of a collapsed volcano tunnel and was turned into a beautiful center by César Manrique.

Right next door in the Cueva de los Verdes you have the opportunity to enter another part of the same tunnel and to experience the unique volcanic landscape “from the inside” for almost two kilometers. There are concert halls in both centers, in which cultural events are sometimes very well worth seeing.

The Mirador del Río is a viewpoint also designed by César Manrique in the north of the municipality of Haría. Hidden in a hilltop you can enjoy the wonderful view of the Chinijo archipelago from the cafeteria in the center.

If you are interested in visiting these and other sights in the north of Lanzarote, we have two recommendations for you: the north tour Lanzarote and the excursion César Manrique. If you follow the links you will find more information about these tours and the possibility to book them online.

Haría: Jameos del Agua
Jameos del Agua

In addition to the really unique tourist centers, there are other extremely attractive places in the municipality of Haría. In Arrieta and north of Jameos del Agua you will find secluded sandy beaches, in the “Bosquecillo” above Haría the only picnic area on the island, the volcanic cone Montaña Corona invites you to hike and the complete cliffs of the Famara train always offer spectacular views.

From the northernmost town of the municipality, Orzola, a ferry runs several times a day to the nearby island of La Graciosa, a perfect place to relax in a quiet environment and without traffic noise and to enjoy the seemingly endless beaches. Among other things, there is the possibility to book a beautiful catamaran sailing tour to the island of La Graciosa from Lanzarote.

In general, the north of Lanzarote is still undecided and shows the island as it used to be. In the municipality of Haría you can eat the best fish on the island, go on great hikes and get to know winegrowing.

We highly recommend a visit to Haría and the many attractions in the north of Lanzarote.

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