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Guided hiking in Lanzarote

Guided hiking in Lanzarote is a great way to get to know the incomparable landscape of the island. From unreal volcanic landscapes to high plateaus and caves, the volcanic island offers very different hiking trails. We went on a canyon hike in the north of Lanzarote with Cordula and mash, the hiking experts from Lanzarote Feeling.

Lanzarote Feeling offers guided hiking in Lanzarote

Many Lanzarote visitors think that it is easy to go hiking on your own. That is right if you want to use one of the known or signposted routes. However, to get to know the island better and to leave the well-known paths once in a while, there is nothing better than an experienced hiking guide. On the one hand, you are sure to always find the right path, and on the other hand, you will learn a lot about flora, fauna, volcanology and the history of the island on these trips.

We have been living in Lanzarote for over 20 years and have done countless hikes, both guided and on our own. However, what we were allowed to see on the Barranco hike with Lanzarote feeling was unique and made a big impression on us. At the end of March 2021, we visited the longest and deepest valley on the island, in a small group leaded by our island guides.

We had already heard about this valley, but there are hardly any descriptions and the access to the Barranco is rather unspectacular from the outside. However, a good hiking guide knows where to park your car and where to best start the entry into the long valley. The peculiarities of the notched valleys in Lanzarote and their use for agriculture are the first information you receive while the tour begins.

Experience Lanzarote in a completely different way

For island conditions it had rained a lot in the previous weeks, therefore the valley was extremely green and “fertile”. In late summer it is a lot drier there. Thanks to our hiking guide mash, we learned that many species of birds and even the protected Egyptian vulture nest in these barrancos.

Since there are no trees, nests are created in slopes or even on the ground. These are often not seen by inexperienced hikers, which can lead to their destruction. For this reason, you should find out locally on every hike whether the route is currently accessible and what you should be aware of in the respective area. In addition, you should not leave the specified paths under any circumstances.

guides for hiking Lanzarote
They know every stone on Lanzarote: mash and Cordula from Lanzarote Feeling (Photo: Michael Unger)

The deeper we get into the Barranco, the more spectacular the view becomes. The side walls protrude high above us, you can see the strangest stone formations and hawks and large black crows were circling above us. Every time you think that after the next bend the end of the Barranco has been reached, a new section of the valley opens up with a slightly different character. So we hike deeper and deeper into the gorge.

During a little rest we enjoy the absolute silence that surrounds us. In the distance you can see the rotors of the wind farm turning their everlasting laps, down in the valley bed you feel completely cut off from the world outside. One of the many positive aspects of a hike.

Know where to go

After a good two hours we actually come to the end of the valley and see the part that turns into a waterfall when it rains heavily. The lower end is due to the moisture a little green oasis . After a little climbing with further explanations from mash and Cordula, we started our way back.

hiking lanzarote
a valley hike full of surprises

While most hikers simply turn around at this spot and walk back the same route they came, we realized again why guided hiking in Lanzarote offers real added value. Cordula and mash know the valley well and instead of taking us back on the same trail, they took us up a semi-hidden path up to the edge of the gorge. So we were able to enjoy completely new views and become aware of the depth and size of the valley.

After a good four hours, our hike with Lanzarote feeling ended right at the parking lot where we had parked our cars. We were thrilled and very happy to have undertaken this hike with the two hiking guides. Sure, it would have been possible to walk through the valley alone, but we would have only found out half as much and always wondered where we would go next.

Thanks to the great tour, we were able to concentrate on the spectacular landscape, learned a lot of interesting facts and always felt that we were in safe hands.

Where can I book guided hiking in Lanzarote?

You can find many offers for guided hikes on the Lanzarote Feeling website. Here you can also find out which tours are offered and when. If you wish, Cordula and mash can also design very individual tours for you … on foot, by car or on a mountain bike.

Have a look at the extensive offer, you will certainly find an interesting tour at Lanzarote Feeling. Perhaps you will also find in the hiking tours this special valley, which we have described in this article.

lanzarote feeling web
Lanzarote Feeling website

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