Restaurant Bogavante

For many visitors dinner in El Golfo is a priority while they are on vacation. Here in the small village close to the volcanic lagoon Charco de los Clicos you find the best restaurants for fresh fish on the island. The Restaurant Bogavante from Adrían Rodríguez unites its spectacular location by the sea and its typical canarian dishes giving you the best of El Golfo.

On the terrace of the Bogavante you experience the sea and the salty natural breeze and once the sun starts to decline you can experience here some of the most amazing sunsets. Accompanied by a fresh fish from the day, deliciously prepared, the typical Papas arrugadas or one of the other canarian dishes of the menu and the world is perfect for a while. For owner Adrían Rodríguez quality and service are the most important things in his restaurant. Only the freshest produce finds its way into his kitchen and the chefs always try to keep up with the traditional canarian cuisine.

„For me it is very important that our guests have a good time here and that they want to come back. We have a lot of regular guests which visit the Bogavante at least once while they are on the island because here they can enjoy the natural surrounding and our fresh canarian dishes at fair prices. A satisfied and happy client on a small island like Lanzarote is the best promotion you can get. Also we have the fantastic sunsets that you can enjoy from the restaurant or the terrace directly on the beach. Our clients love that”, tells Adrían.

Restaurant Bogavante El Golfo for fresh fish

Next to fresh fish and meat you will find in the Bogavante also some very typical island dishes that are hard to find anywhere else. One classic is gofio, in the past one of the most important basics for the islanders and difficult to find today. In the Bogavante you can try this specialty made of roasted grain in different variations. This is the real taste of Lanzarote.

As El Golfo should be part of your visiting program you will find here the perfect opportunity to get to know the island from its best side. The volcanic crater filled with sea water and the spectacular sunsets show the natural Lanzarote, whilst visiting the restaurant Bogavante you can try the most delicious plates of the island. A perfect day out.

Restaurant Bogavante
Av. Marítima 39
35570 El Golfo

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