Pilates in Lanzarote

In the Studio of Movement Bettina Strauss works with the Pilates technique and combines it with exercises according to Liebscher & Bracht. The goal is always a pain-free, flexible and yet strong body with an upright posture, which allows the participants to age healthy.

Pilates auf Lanzarote

Here is a detailed description of the Studio of Movement:

After 20 years of experience in the sports world, I fulfilled my first heart’s desire in Germany and dared to jump from being an employee to becoming self-employed. This is how my studio for classic Pilates was created in Blieskastel, a small baroque town in Saarland, in 2011.

For seven years I worked there with groups as well as in individual and duo training. In the groups, we completed the Pilates mat program, supplemented with small devices such as Pilates Circle, roller, ball, Theraband and rod, but the group participants also worked with larger devices such as Chair and Semibarrel. In individual and duo training, reformer, wall unit and the high ladder barrel were also used. For me a dream had come true.

After seven fulfilled, successful years, it was time for me to start on new shores. On the occasion of a private break in 2014 in Lanzarote, this beautiful island won my heart. During this time, a second desire for realization matured in me: living and working on this beautiful piece of earth. But how should that work? Inspired by the unique energy of Lanzarote, I have repeatedly offered Pilates intensive weeks on Lanzarote since 2014.

These special weeks were not only enjoyed by the participants from my studio, sometimes several times, but participants from other parts of Germany also came to us who still come to Lanzarote for the Pilates intensive course. Since my love for Lanzarote never let go, I followed my heart in 2018 and stayed on the island. So I made another wish come true.

I am deeply grateful that I can continue my work for well-being and health here. Many thanks to all of my participants who regularly train with me here in Lanzarote, who come back for the intensive week or who work with me on short and long-term holidays. Thank you all for letting me grow with you.

Pilates auf Lanzarote

My way of working is based on:

  • classic Pilates after Joseph Hubertus Pilates
  • Intense High Intensity Power Pilates (HIP by Lisa Bradshaw, London)
  • special stretching exercises (Liebscher & Bracht, Germany)
  • Fascia roll massage (Liebscher & Bracht, Germany)
  • my deep understanding of body structure and movement sequences, which I have acquired over many years of training

My offer:

  • Group courses – 40 euros for 4 consecutive appointments or 15 euros one-time StepIn (currently in Mala and Teseguite)
  • Individual hours at the customer – from 40 euros / hour plus travel
  • Individual vacation supervision as desired, up to 2 lessons per day.

Detailed information online at Studio of Movement