Be authentic: your profile in single websites

Admittedly, the design of a profile in single websites in dead has something in common with the writing of an application letter. Depending on the functionality of the website or the app, the photo alone decides to which side your profile will be wiped. And even if you have the chance to introduce yourself in a text , the average reader only spends a few seconds on your profile moves before it wents towards match or bin.

The first impression is decisive

That people in dating apps are judged on the outside may sound terribly superficial. But honestly you have to admit that it is no different in real offline life: The “offer” in the disco is consciously or unconsciously scanned with the eyes before it comes to dancing or talking. The photo must therefore be meaningful, striking in a positive sense, but above all honest. Maybe you used to look better, but certainly younger. But that shouldn’t tempt you to take a youth photo as a profile picture and use Photoshop to make a few kilograms of hip gold disappear. Such tricks are noticeable when you get to know each other, especially if you have previously presented yourself as an honest person. Do not take a biometric passport photo, but a photo that says something about you – in nature, if that is your preferred leisure space, or with grandma, if the family means a lot to you. Imagine which profile you would like to see in single exchanges.

Stop the phrase machine

The guide at points out the risk of ambiguous formulations for a profile in single websites. You meant “open to everything” in relation to leisure activities and holiday destinations, a reader interprets the sentence in the direction of sexual preferences. A profile at a dating agency is nothing to be ashamed of. Use it openly and take the chance to have your text read by a friend. Use the feedback to work on the wording. However, do not accept any third-party suggestions that do not suit you at all. At the latest on the first phone call, the difference between written and spoken language becomes a boomerang. There are keywords such as security and culture that are always well received. But beware of common places and don’t make yourself a red wine drinker if you prefer a cool beer.