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Yaiza – a friendly municipality

The southern community of Lanzarotes not only houses the most beautiful and impressive beaches on the island, but also offers a variety of different locations, all worth a visit. In a round trip through the municipality, one learns a lot about the past of the island, and can also discover the still very original island life. Join us on a virtual tour, which will surely give you some new suggestions and ideas.

Yaiza church
the church in Yaiza

Our journey will begin in the city, which gives the entire community its name. Although Yaiza is the administrative center of the municipality, the place still radiates a calm and serenity that is so often missed in other places. When the old men sit in the shade and hold a chat close to the large village church, you can feel how far away the stress of large European cities lies. In one of the quaint bars where the tables ar emade of wood, the tablecloth of paper and the food is really good, you can easily get to know the locals who speak of the old days – before the tourism arrived.

El Golfo and the green crater sea

Only a few minutes from Yaiza is one of the most attractive and visited places in the municipality: El Golfo. The collapsed volcano crater with the green-shimmering Lake Los Clicos is only one reason why so many visitors stop here. There are excellent fish specialties in the numerous restaurants of the village and the sunsets at this coastal section are always a unique experience. From the end of the village you can also go on a wonderful trip into the unique volcanic landscape. And close by, Los Hervideros and the Janubio salt pans offer new insights into the region’s strength and versatility.

El Golfo and the green crater sea
the green crater sea close to El Golfo

During our trip, we always encounter fantastic fincas and new, modern dwellings scattered loosely scattered in the landscape. Partly the old houses of the island were renovated with much attention to detail, from the ground up. Others have chosen this beautiful patch of earth to realize their dream home entirely according to their ideas. 

However, most residents live in Playa Blanca, the tourist center of the municipality. Starting from the still original village core, more and more people have settled along the kilometer-long promenade and transformed the former fishing village into a modern tourist resort of the first category.

Yaiza - Playa Blanca
Watching the ferry to Fuerteventura

In Playa Blanca you can feel the life and energy that makes the place the most attractive holiday destination on the island. And the nearby Papagayos beaches offer pure relaxation. In the midst of a natural park, you can relax without cars or gastronomy, swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Above Papagayo’s beaches, in the hills of the Los Ajaches mountain range, you will find the quiet Las Breñas and the small village of Femés, loved by many residents.

Femés in Yaiza
the village of Femés

From here you have an impressive view of the entire municipality as far as Fuerteventura, and in the traditional houses goat cheese is still made and typical Canarian dishes get cooked . Here, in the traditional village restaurnats, you can still eat a typical baby goat in garlic or the already legendary Lanzarote lentils and can thus be strengthened wonderfully after the small round trip through the municipality Yaiza.

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