Tinajo – Agriculture and volcanoes

The municipality of Tinajo is located in the north-western part of Lanzarote and is the third biggest municipality on the island after Teguise and Yaiza. Only 5580 people live here and over 60 per cent of the area is protected. Big parts of the volcanic park Timanfaya are located in Tinajo. Today, Tinajo is the center of vegetable agriculture on the island and you will find large fields where potatoes, onions, pumpkins and also wine are cultivated.

Every Sunday morning, a market is held in Mancha Blanca, where you can taste and buy the freshest products of the island. To the municipality of Tinajo belong the villages of Tinajo, Mancha Blanca, La Santa, La Vegueta and El Cuchillo, small villages which are quiet and where you can get to know the island from its most original side.

the market in Mancha Blanca

The only touristic point in the municipality of Tinajo is in the village of La Santa, where you find a large hotel complex, completely dedicated to sport. Here top-class athletes from all over Europe come to prepare themselves and from here the annual international Ironman Lanzarote competition is organized. Near the Club La Santa there is a small secluded lagoon, which is used by local people especially on the weekends for swimming and having barbecues.

Every year in mid September the municipality of Tinajo becomes the center of the island. During the festivities in honor to the Virgen de los Dolores, the inhabitants of the entire island pilgrim to the village of Mancha Blanca and celebrate with music, fairs and fairgrounds the largest folkloric festival on Lanzarote. According to legend, the Virgen de los Dolores stopped the volcanic flood directly in front of the local church, causing the end of the devastating eruptions in the 18th century. At the same time as the folk festival, a large arts and crafts trade fair will be held in the municipality of Tinajo.

Fiesta Dolores
popular festivities in Tinajo

Among the numerous surfers on the island Tinajo is considered an excellent surfing area. While the beginners are practicing at Famara Beach, the pros are drawn to the dangerous coast of La Santa, where the strong surf provides the best waves. With the Timanfaya National Park, which stretches to the village of Yaiza, and the surrounding volcanoes, the municipality of Tinajo is also a great opportunity to get to know the volcanic side of Lanzarote. Walks through the wild, moonlike landscape are always unique and unforgettable.

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