Restaurants in Playa Honda

You can find a large selection of interesting restaurants in Playa Honda. Especially along the beach promenade you will find a wide range of dishes for all tastes, from tasty hamburgers to typical Spanish tapas to exquisite fusion cuisine.

In this post we present some restaurants in Playa Honda that we like. The selection is of course totally subjective and is not subject to any rules. Who would like to add personal tips or suggestions can do so under the comments.

Restaurants in Playa Honda

Restaurant Mesana

The traditional restaurant Mesana is under new management. The owners of the Patagonia restaurant have created an alternative for those who do not like meat. As a result, there is primarily a large selection of fish dishes in the Mesana. The reviews that can be found on the Internet under Dorada de Mesana are almost exclusively from the time of the previous owners.

Bar Terraza Goliath!

Das Goliath in Playa Honda

Our tip for a quick meal in Playa Honda. The Goliath has the usual range of hamburgers, hot dogs, bocadillos and sandwiches. In addition to the normal portions, there are also huge portions in which the hamburgers then resemble wagon wheels and bocadillos are one meter long. Worth seeing, delicious and in addition right on the beach.

Restaurant Patagonia Grill

das Patagonia Grill Restaurant in Playa Honda

The restaurant with the cow. It also shows what to expect, because in the Patagonia Grill meat is primarily served on the plate. From slow-roasted suckling pig to steaks and lavish grill plates, there are many dishes to choose from. Some of the food is grilled on an open fire.

Restaurant Casa Tere

Restaurants in Playa Honda: Casa Tere

Our tip for typical Spanish tapas and dishes in Playa Honda. From squid rings to samorejo to traditional fish and meat dishes, you can find many typical dishes of Spanish cuisine at Casa Tere. Whether as tapas or as a whole ration, there is something for every hunger here. The hardest thing is finding a free table because this restaurant is extremely popular.

Restaurant Casa Tere Grill

The “grill” deposit of the Casa Tere. After the great success of restaurant number 1, a second restaurant was opened right next door in which there were more meat dishes from the grill. It is always very crowded here too.

Restaurant Emmax

Restaurant Emmax in Playa Honda

An absolute classic in Playa Honda for many years: the restaurant Emmax. There is a modern kitchen here that e.g. Mixes noodles with Asian influences or modernizes the classic leg of lamb. Fresh ingredients are always used. The daily menu is clear and is presented daily on a blackboard. Always delicious and full of tasty surprises.

Bar Caleta

If you only want small snacks, the Bar Caleta is the place for you. Here you can sit right on the beach promenade, drink a cold beer or soft drink and watch the always hustle and bustle on the Avenida. Until recently, the bar was called Las Gaviotas, and there is even an old name tag.

More restaurants in Playa Honda

If the selection listed here is not enough, you can find many more tips on Tripadvisor, among other things. By the way, there are also all of the ones presented here.

Playa Honda belongs to the municipality of San Bartolomé.

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