La Casa del Parmigiano

After being frequently recommended by this Italian in Puerto del Carmen, right next to the Fariones Sport Center, we finally managed to visit him. And either we’ve gotten a bad day, or the reputation of La Casa del Parmigiano is better than what’s actually on the plate.

The first annoyance was the long wait. The drinks were served quite fast but afterwards we were ignored for over 30 minutes. It was Sunday noon and the place not even half filled. The phone kept ringing and you could see people picking up pizzas. Obviously, the out-of-home customers were preferred that day.

When the order was finally taken it was time to wait another 30 minutes before the ordered starter came. The eggplant with Parmesan cheese was delicious. The main course included spinach-stuffed tortellini in gorgonzola walnut sauce and prawn salmon skewer. The skewer was again delicious, the fresh pasta left much to be desired. The sauce tasted of flour, cheese was not to taste and the nuts were simply missing. After our protest, the plate was cleared quickly and then ordered tuna pizza was quite ok, but was not above a normal average.

Valoration La Casa del Parmigiano
After over two hours (!) We left the Casa del Paramigiano with mixed feelings. Despite the good recommendations and a very good ranking in Tripadvisor we had during our visit did not feel, a new favorite restaurant discovered. But that may also have been due to the fact that we had this day maybe just bad luck.

The bill was ok with 45 euros including drinks, but due to the fluctuating quality of the ordered dishes, we would not return. Here we are at our favorite Italian in Puerto del Carmen, the pizzeria Capri near the casino, a lot better off.

Contact: La Casa del Parmigiano

c/ Alegranza 1

35510 Puerto del Carmen

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