Waverider Lanzarote Speedboat Tour

Waverider, based in Puerto Del Carmen’s Old Town Harbour, has specialised jockey style seating for up to 16 passengers and is of similar specification to some high-end military vessels (I think they have just traded the machine guns for extra seats!).

Boasting a massive 600 horsepower, Waverider is one of, if not the fastest vessel on Lanzarote and is certainly the most agile. Just to give you some indication of the power onboard this awesome boat, Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s have less horsepower than Waverider! So, if you like the thought of blasting along the coast of Lanzarote at high speed, experiencing tight turns and jumping the odd huge wave on their spectacular “Ocean Blast” tour then contact Waverider and mention that you found them on Lanzarote Plus.

If all this speed and high octane power boating just isn’t your thing, don’t worry – Waverider is also running a much tamer version of their “Ocean Blast” tour specially designed for families and for those of us that don’t need to have the life scared out of us to have fun. The “Family Adventure” tour has been created to give people the kind of sea safari experience that is becoming common place in other parts of the world, but had yet to arrive in Lanzarote, until now.

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