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Exclusive summer fashion

Right in the centre of Playa Blanca, in the shopping street Limones, you can find the shop La Caja de Aladin. As in the fairy tale you can find some real "treasures" once you get there.

La Caja de Aladin is a small family run company with shops in Ibiza, Asturias and Lanzarote. Specialising in exclusive summer fashions with natural fabric that clothing by designer Luís Ferrer, from the Italian brand La Bottega di Brunella as well as exclusive produced designs for La Caja de Aladin.

Luís Ferrer is a fashion designer from Ibiza who produces very exclusive dresses, skirts, shirts, blouses and scarves which all represent the special flair of his island. Natural fabrics, cotton, silk or linen are taken to create light and extraordinary pieces of fashion, all produced in very limited quantities. Very special for the fashion of Luis Ferrer are wide flowing designs and the use of natural colours. Each piece of fashion looks different and you once you buy something from this brand you can always be sure to get an authentic designer piece.

The second brand, that La Caja de Aladin sells exclusively, is the small Italian brand La Bottega di Brunella, known for the high quality of its clothing. Special fabrics are exquisitely processed guaranting for quality, as well as fresh summer designs. As with Luis Ferrer this brand also work exclusively with natural fabrics, natural colours and imitated editions.

Also on sale are clothes that are produced especially for La Caja de Aladin after their very own designs. Shirts, blouses and scarves made of linen are on offer as well as shoes and other accessory. Very popular are the so called bucles, special clips made out of leather, buffalo horn or wood that can be combined with the clothes. Many of the pieces of fashion are especially made for the use of this bucles and they give the clothing a special touch, depending which clip you use. A fashion detail which attracts attention and offers endless variety.

For the mild spring like climate of Lanzarote the exclusive, modern and high fashion clothing of La Caja de Aladin is absolutely perfect. The wind plays with the flowing designs and the natural fabric lets the skin breath. Visit the treasure chamber of Aladin and be surprised by the interesting articles on sale.


La Caja de Aladin
c/ Limones 32
35580 Playa Blanca

Telephone: 0034-928 518858


Your advantage:

1 Bucle for free with your purchase